Saturday, February 21, 2009

Leaving Home to Saudi

When I left home to work abroad as a nurse in saudi arabia, I was beginning a new life. A life that involves the adjustment to new culture and a new environment. The language was a barrier to me, but I was able to learn it eventually. In fact I am very fluent now with their arabic language.

At first I was not able to adapt their culture, at home in the philippines, I used to eat pork, beef, chicken and seafoods. My mama would cook my favorite meat dishes like beefstake, goat kaldereta, pork asado, pork or chicken adobo and sauteed shrimps in butter. It was a big adjustment when I arrived in saudi arabia. After a few months I was able to try new things, was able to experiment new food, style and daily rituals.


MJ said...

Hello Mit!
Good luck and take care always

Joyce(My's friend)

Tulip said...

we miss you bing. keep up the good work.